Discover Anafi

Have you seen our beautiful island? Read all the things you should know.

Anafi is a little island that lies outside the mainstream, being the totally opposite to the famous island of Santorini. Anafi opens the gate to a slow-paced traditional lifestyle alongside with striking Cycladic landscapes and small and serene hotels. It is like going back in time, when life used to be simpler and easier.


Anafi, according to mythology, gave refuge to the Argonauts while in a bad storm by emerging of the depths of the sea. The historical evidence found on the island come from an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo and it is the same place where the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa is now located. 


Anafi is a small island spaning an area of 38,3 sq. km. with a total population of only 273 residents. The island closer to Anafi is Santorini on the west and both of the islands of Anafi and Santorini have a special microclimate classified as hot desert climate. 


Anafi is the ideal place for walking. It has a network of footpaths with an overall length of 18 kilometres that covers most of the island and lead to destinations with special cultural or environmental significance.

The Monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa is built on the ruins of an ancient temple of Apollo. The ruins of the ancient temple are exhibited in Athens Archeological Museum and Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Anafi has also great local architecture that has been the reason that many of the locals came to Athens in the 18th century creating the neighborhood of Anafiotika on Acropolis Hill.


There are several traditional delicacies you can try in Anafi. For sure it is local handmade pasta and bread scented with saffron. 

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